They came, They saw, They conquered

So it has begun, Freshers week hit Manchester with a bang, and we at Font Mcr were at the excitable thick of it! Our new cocktail menu has gone down an absolute storm with our flavoured mojitos flying off the bar and our very own ‘bitch on wheels’(a jager based cocktail, not a staff member) has proved popular with anyone who fancies something abit different.

To add to our new cocktail menu we have updated our food menu and made it extra yummy, gourmet burgers are now available, including the chefs very own chicken burger creation-full of tasty flavour, and a favourite with many!
Both menus can be viewed on the bottom of the page if you fancy a gander!

We are also building an increasing craft beer range, a selection that will rival any other bar in Manchester (fancy something abit different? Our staff have a real beer passion and will be happy to recommend something new for you).
So if its cocktails, food, beer or a lovingly made tea or coffee(with the now famous complimentary freddo) Font Mcr is the place to be this Autumn.

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