Hello Good Sirs – A Guide to Our New Cocktails

Out with the old in with the new

Regular visitors to The Font will know that among many other things we pride ourselves on having a cocktail range that is not only HUGE but INTERESTING. At this time of year we like to take stock and give praise to the classics (Sex on the Beach, Dr Pepper and Mojitos et al) and look for inspiration for future potions that could reach such dizzying heights of popularity. It’s not an easy task but someone has to do it!

After a few weeks in the lab testing and tasting The Font collective has come up with some refreshing brews to hopefully excite, enthrall and entrance our cocktail loving public. This is a time for new favourites to be born and old friends to be nervous – so take the plunge and try something new today!

A Beginners Guide to our Newbies


Bramble Gin, lemon and sugar with a blackcurrant liqueur top.
Peach Iced Tea Peach schnapps, Triple Sec and Earl grey syrup topped with Lemonade and a squeeze of lime.


Bison Grass Polska Zubrowka vodka is shaken with pear purée, elderflower and plenty of fresh lime.
Hello Sailor Sailor Jerry rum with honey, lemon and apple juice sprinkled with cinnamon.
Marmalade Sidecar Martell brandy is sweetened with marmalade and soured with lemon juice.


Chuck Berry Vodka, triple sec, melon, strawberry, blackcurrant raspberry purée and apple juice make ‘Beethoven roll over’.
Lynchburg Lemonade
A bourbon based refresher with triple sec and lemonade with an added apricot Font twist.
Screwball Think old school ice-cream! a blue bubblegum milkshake based cocktail served in a sundae glass.
Your choice of fruit purée stirred through a glass of Italian prosecco.

So there we have it please raise a glass and join us on a new cocktail adventure, please let us know what you think as we hope you like them just as much as we do.

Here’s to new friends – Cheers!


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