Oh Yeah? What’s Normal Then?

The most refreshing of revolutions, “OY?WNT?” has fostered a situation where for the first time in a long time, going out drinking (maybe dancing!) comes with a sense of expectation; that the DJ will surprise you, that you will be turned on and tested, that you will laugh and dance and think, and, possibly hate certain tracks you hear – or rush out and buy them the next morning.

This is the essence of “Oh Yeah? What’s Normal Then?”  – the confrontationally named night, fresh from the St Etienne stamp of approval, hurtles along mixing up northern soul with The Drums, Sonic Youth and Camera Obscura, folding The Jam, Bowie and Nouvelle Vague in with classic hip-hop, reggae, obscure 80’s indie and current pop gems. Oh, and don’t forget the cherished cover versions…

It really shouldn’t work.

But it does.

Thanks to sharp selections and open-minded punters, there has been dancing on the tables. There has been collapsing under them. There have been long queues and good guests. There has been consternation that the play list once included a Jamie Cullum track (?!) and there has been repeated mass joy each time Shawn Lee or KRS1 get an outing.

In short, it’s good.

You should go.Image



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