Chorlton Arts Festival



The Chorlton Arts festival is fast approaching & here at The Font we are very excited to be festival partners. Kicking off our festival experience this Saturday (17th) a six piece band called ‘Rubber Duck Orchestra’ will be completing their performance (which starts out on a tram!) in Font at 7.30pm. Expect fast pace folk music, which hopes to make people ‘move their limbs in funny ways’. Watch them here to prepare your moves in advance! Afterwards we keep the party moving into the evening with The Satellite State Disko DJs, fantastic.


In addition to this we are also extremely pleased to play host to The Bop Local Poster & Photography Exhibition, ‘Make It Bigger’. Wednesday 21st May 6.30 – 9.30pm, as part of Chorlton Arts Festival, sees the opening night of this special exhibition celebrating 4 years of the biggest suburban club night in the UK, Bop Local.

…‘Phil Beckett has been designing the posters since Bop Local started in June 2010. His designs ~ together with a selection of photographs taken at Bop Local from Craige Barker, Elspeth Mary Moore and Paul Wolfgang Webster, plus a collage/montage of flyers designed by Paul Marsh ~ will all be on display across the walls of The Font. Posters for ALL of Bop Locals since we started in June 2010 will be available to buy, or order ~ all profits from sales will be donated to The Stroke Association…’









Be sure to check out the many other music/comedy/art/performances being staged for your pleasure round the bars & various venues of chorlton, check out the website here, to plan your festival now! Chorlton Arts Festival twitter.


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