The Font Fallowfield RELAUNCH!

“The Times They Are a-Changin’” – Bob Dylan

As anyone who’s paid us a visit will have noticed, we’ve been rocking a messy, under construction, somewhat industrial aesthetic recently. Our sharper Instagram followers may also have noticed a number of cryptic snaps, with the hashtag #ffwatchthisspace, sneaking their way onto our feed. You may be asking yourself what this all means. Well, it’s finally time for answers!

Here @FontFallowfield, we’ve been slinging cocktails and #partyvibes since January 2009. Times change, however, and so must we*. After one last week of fun (and ridiculous, stock-clearing offers), we’ll be opening our doors on Thursday 24th JULY a much harder, better, faster, stronger animal!

This is so much more than just a lick of paint. We’ve been working hard, trying out new things and completely redesigning the main bar area. We’ve installed a bunch of new beer, ale and cider pumps, and our fridges have been rammed with over 65 new bottles of craft beer from all over the world! All of this effort would be for nought, however, if we couldn’t share the results with the people that we love (and those of you who we like ‘just as friends’). Which is why we’d like to cordially invite you to this, The Font Fallowfield’s Grand Re-launch Party!

Hunter S. Thompson said that “Good people drink good beer,” and it’s with that in mind that we’ve carefully chosen our new range. From next week you’ll find Brooklyn, Camden, Erdinger, Lindeboom, Flensburger and Orchid Pig, as well as 2 ever-changing guest crafts. Not sure whether you like any of these? That’s cool – we’re offering 25% off draught beer between 6 and 10pm. Come and try something new; our highly-knowledgeable staff are always willing to make a recommendation. There’s even free food to soak up all of that glorious booze.

*If you got this Doctor Who reference, we love you and you can be our friend.

ff flyer ff flyer side 2



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